Eco-Friendly, Mosquito Trap

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Mosquito Trap, Eco-Friendly, Mosquito Trap Eco-Friendly, Mosquito Trap
Tigermaze Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Prevention

Enjoy simple and effective mosquito prevention. The Tigermaze is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to eliminating threats without pesticides.

Large Mosquito, Arm

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is easy and stress-free with the Tigermaze. Our environmentally friendly traps are extremely practical, user friendly and safe.

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About Us

Tigermaze Inc. provides environmentally friendly mosquito traps.
The founders of the company and creators of Tigermaze where troubled by the recurring problem of how to control mosquitoes without constantly exposing themselves, their immediate living environment and their family members to repeated doses of chemicals.  Many of these chemicals have been proven to be associated with nerve disorders, allergies, autism and cancer and many other are too new to know what will be the ill effects on a child twenty or thirty years from now. So they came up with a solution to address the problem without using bug sprays or other harmful or dangerous chemicals.

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