Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito, Damage Naturally eliminate the threat of Mosquitoes that may have Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, West Nile Disease, or even Chikungunya Diseases.   Tigermaze Inc. offers environmentally conscious mosquito prevention, so you can live comfortably and happy. The Tigermaze uses no chemicals or poisons

Zika Virus - West Nile Virus - Dengue Fever Virus - Chikungunya Virus

These are just a few of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Until now, the only sure way to reduce the population of this menace was to spray with poisonous chemicals. Using poisons to control mosquitoes results in the destruction of beneficial insects, as well as being dangerous to the environment and the personal health of those exposed to these poisons.  Especially children, pregnant women and those already ill.

Mosquito Prevention

Reducing or eliminating the mosquitoe threat starts with prevention measures. One of the best prevention measures you can have is the Tigermaze.


Mosquito Trap on a Window