Mosquito Control


Take the bite out of mosquitoes in and about your home with mosquito control from Tigermaze Inc. This traps is unobtrusive and constantly on duty for the next swarm of mosquitoes.

Earth Friendly Design

These traps deter mosquitoes without the use of chemicals, poisons, propane gas, or pesticides. Each trap is uniquely designed for easy installation, removal, and change back to the original window screen in minutes without tools.

You can place the traps in any removable window screen panel slot.  The trap simply works because of its unique design.


How It Works

This system works by allowing a trace amount of air to flow from the inside through the maze to the outside. The mosquitoes then follow the trace amounts of air, and the scents carried on this air, back into the maze. Once they are in the maze the mosquitoes have no instinct to turn around to go back to the way out.

Tiger Mosquitoes (Aedes Albopictus) and also the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) are most attracted to the scent of human beings!!!  Not carbon dioxide cartridges or ultraviolet light sources which attract lots of other species of mosquitoes and random insects but necessarily the mosquitoes stalking your family.  These gadgets sell well but have never been shown to reduce the number of biting mosquitoes in an area. How can they? They catch lots of bugs and random mosquitoes but they are not catching many of the mosquitoes that are systematically tracking you down and lurking at your door!!!

With the Tigermaze mosquito trap the initial swarm of attacking mosquitoes is dead from exhaustion within hours and therefore do not live to establish a breeding colony in your yard that could have pestered you and your family the remaining season.

Forget about costly systems that kill every living creature in the area, and often at the wrong time, or systems that attract and catch insects that are not even attacking you and your family. Don't put your family at risk with these other products that either don’t work or are not truly safe.  This patented mosquito trap works and is safe!

Kit for Trap, Mosquito Control

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding & Growing Areas:

  • Eliminate Standing Water - Most Eggs Are Laid in Water & Develop in Water Areas
  • Clear up and get Rid of Any Receptacle That Contains Standing Water - Tires, Buckets/Pails, Unused Flowerpots, Clogged Gutters, Faucet/Sprinkler Leaks, Bird Baths, Holes in Trees, & Unused Plastic Pools
  • If You Live near Wetlands or have Standing Water or Nearby Water Accumulation Areas - Use a Larvacide Containing BTI (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelenis) in Granular or Dunk Form and add fresh water minnows to the water system
  • Allow other benifical natural controllers of mosquitoes such lizards, frogs, dragon flys and fish fry and fresh water minnows to survive around your house by keeping pesticide use to a minimum.  This will have  the added benefit of not harming Honey Bee populations and your family at tthe same time.

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